At CESSCO Fabrication & Engineering Ltd., we have the experience and resources to fabricate quality pressure vessel components and parts.

We have a solid reputation as a custom metal fabricator in Western Canada with a diverse line of equipment that is capable of meeting unique requirements for various industries, and our spacious facility allows us to fabricate various components simultaneously. Along with providing innovative solutions for our pressure vessel customers, some of our capabilities include plate rolling, head forming, plate breaking, plasma cutting, and fabrication of nozzles, spools, base plates, saddle parts, lifting lugs, tail lugs, and other attachments. Because quality control is paramount throughout the entire manufacturing process, our certified team members conduct regular inspections and use non-destructive examinations (NDE) as part of our project requirements and due diligence to ensure the integrity of each component.

Overhead cranes in Cessco shop

Plate Rolling

With our advanced plate rolling procedures, cutting-edge equipment, and experienced technicians, we fabricate various high-calibre pressure vessel components with precision.

Plate rolling is a fundamental process in our fabrication projects, as it enables us to shape flat metal plates into cylindrical and conical forms that become the body of pressure vessels. We have the expertise and equipment to work thicknesses up to eight inches, and we have rolling capabilities to roll for diameters of up to 36 feet. Additionally, our shop services include cutting and beveling of various attachments, and plate rolling for repads, saddles or other needs.

Head Supply

Throughout our history in the custom heavy fabrication industry, we have developed the proficiency to manufacture various pressure vessel heads.

We understand the importance of the ASME semi-elliptical head design, as it is a crucial component of the overall structural integrity and efficiency of a pressure vessel, and we have the expertise to comply with the unique requirements of each project. Our head supply experience includes designing hemispherical, ellipsoidal, torispherical, conical, and dished heads for clients in any industry.